St. Paul on the Way to Damascus

from by the Doorman



One of the first songs recorded with my Valencia nylon string guitar, back in (I guess) 2008. Almost all of the songs I compose and lyrics I write crystallize out of thin air. They already happen to exist but just need to be captured. I don’t believe in a god but was raised as a catholic. Probably explains the lyrics of this and a couple of other songs. The structure of this song shifts continuously. The part starting with “now the stars really shine above us” often brings tears to my eyes.


why in the world you make me cry
I have never felt so sad
seems you don't want me in your life
I have to bear witness to these facts

turned the stones into bread, no
I don't think so
jumped off the pinnacle into your arms
no harm done, an angel saved my ass

fear, is the feeling I often have
but I think I'm trying the best I can
did you drive us into the arms
of total strangers who took our charms?

I was hit by a flash of light, yes
had a flashback
love made me blind like that yeah
in a split-sec, Ananias at first sight

rumour has is that you woke up
from a dream in which you took off
to the stars that shine above us
in the hearts of those who love us
those who treasure every moment of eternity

I have called you to take you with me
I have begged if He could forgive me
a wanderer with a restless soul
I can't control
the storms that rage
the lonesome days

now the stars really shine above us
the wish I made has demonstrated
that there is a chance of pure romance
for those who stay on the heavy road
now I embrace you and hold you strong
yeah, this should be my final song
for there is no need anymore to relieve
the pains I had, the sores are healed

the script he handed me
had pages missing
and actors kissing
the prompter never got to the set
they shot him dead
blanks in his head

but the dream you had
was included for its perfect happy end


from from early backwoods neglect, released May 12, 2019


all rights reserved


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