January, on safari

from by the Doorman



Both this and the following song are the most recent (‘18/’19). MS recorded guitar using a C414 with a Rode NT55 (one DI’d into a Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 and one thru a Tonebeast pre-amp). C414 on vocals, compressed with a CLA-2A and I love the Little Plate reverb (Soundtoys). OK, enough of the tech geek talk. These songs fit on this record, minimal arrangement: just a nylon string guitar and some percussion (including shakers from Sri Lanka and drumming on the back of a mbira!). Lyrics often start with a few lines coming into my head. First one was ‘at the camel’s back’ and so this evolved into a story about people on a kind of urban safari in winter time.. Often, personal issues and back stories slip into the lyric structure. Writing songs can have a therapeutic effect. They can help you through dark times.


CH January, on safari
gotta keep movin’, let’s go faster
on the streets of neon cities
don’t go shootin’ fish in barrel
I can clearly see where you’re at
I saw you aiming at the camel’s back

if this goes further, you will hurt her
you gotta get yr shit together
in the desert it’s a hazard
but downtown plastic, it’s everlasting

so where do you and I turn to next?
gotta beat the one you call your dad

I can see a face in my dreams
with eyes in the back of its head
a friendly face
I know it’s Death

I can see you’ve changed the way you feel about me
when I got up on my feet and hoped I would heal
all the wounds that he inflicted on me
a psychopath has eyes in the back of his head CH

burn all the bridges in the world
I am sure we can cross that river if we want to
I know that you want to, I know that you’d love to
finish our ride, finish (it) alright (2x)
one day we will be together again


from from early backwoods neglect, released May 12, 2019


all rights reserved


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