callous (the carelessness)

from by the Doorman



Written and recorded in 2013. I like how the acoustic guitars work together in the intro. So, titles also come out of thin air. I don’t know why this song has to have this particular title and why ‘the carelessness’ should be in superscript! I remember I had to rerecord the vocals 'cause I accidentally pronounced ‘bear’ as ‘beer’ in the first take. Song is partially a kind of reflection on how lost and alienated people can be in our society.


women in this world
are on flights that are delayed
the automatic pilot
grounds his aeroplane today

children, you were lost
they gave you electronic maps
and shepherds made their flocks
and family disappear, oh dear..

now the streets are full
of people who are watching
their smartphones
pushing the “Like” button
whenever they leave home, that’s great…

Goldilocks was tired
she undressed and slept with all the bears
in a real-time video chat
she discusses her oedipal fears, oh dear..

the bruises in my life
were self-inflicted wounds
my window dressing lies
of landing on the moon

I have let you down
just used to blame my father
reading all your letters
I just miss you more…and more


from from early backwoods neglect, released May 12, 2019


all rights reserved


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