as a choking man fights for air

from by the Doorman



recorded in the fall of 2004? in my small dorm room with a George Dennis GD-100 Wizard rock distortion/volume pedal I used to get the level changes in volume


in the beginning I had my doubts about you
but there's a thing called love and we have worried enough about it
she reaches out to get it
this is the healing of an ending adolescence
and I have known you for how long it could last
I came as a man from the future to solve the past
there are things your mother might have told you
there are songs in my head that might unfold it

I want you just as you are
unlike a dagger through my heart
come visit me this night and we will contemplate the moon
and then contemplate the contemplation in my room
I'll see you soon
yeah, I hope it’s soon
and then it's solved
and then it's cool
it could be all so simple

we will see what the future might bring
we will see if time will stand still
probably not
it's probably God


from halfway house, released December 1, 2019


all rights reserved


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