halfway house

by the Doorman

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#6 in The Doorman compact cassette series


released December 1, 2019


all rights reserved


Track Name: Elliot Gould, the Saviour
you love it like
another time
you'll be like our Saviour

mother has lived around
it's always nice
to OD in her house

and your sister serves a good meal
what a feeling we had, spacecake

everyone is laughing about us
everyone wants to see you dead
give'em head, fucking assholes

and tonight you'll be crying a lot
and tonight you will again pray to God
Barbara Owen, such a lovely girl
hidden face and eyes ?
Chaucery, Chaucery, he is nothing but a sorcerer
Track Name: bootleg whiskey
and the time it grows
although my life is slow

and your words are cold
and my mind explodes
and if you think Sir Paul is better
said Beatle erred on the side
of writing songs for those who died
and our love has died
as you have killed it tonight
but my kin is suffering
Track Name: a red one he races straight through
and that's all I know:
the river bends and the heart will break
alright you are nervous
and you look the other way

and it's like:
some other time
we'll meet again

and when you… call her, she’s rock solid, and she falters
and she gets the funny questions out of her way, to save the day

call me any day
I'm a pathetic wanker, I must say
I'm a psychopath, please stay away

you have to call the very best man
he will get you in there

still hope that she will call
I still want you in my world

the stitch will heal after all
I conquered greater fires!
and the needle in the hay-stack is lost after all

I wouldn’t have gone through this for no particular reason
or for the feeling of letting you go
constricted minds cause the river to bend and the heart to break
Track Name: angoulemes
so leave the house, leave the kids, leave the garage and your car
so helpless he stands before his empty garage
I'm only a lonely person
if you've seen me taking my steps back
Track Name: the fields at cutting time
step inside the field
with the birds circling on top of me
and I kept thinking about you
and I kept thinking about the times we were together

it seems such a long time ago
when nobody ever heard of the fight, the argue
and we just wanted to walk into paradise
with our feet to the ground and head in the clouds
Track Name: as a choking man fights for air
in the beginning I had my doubts about you
but there's a thing called love and we have worried enough about it
she reaches out to get it
this is the healing of an ending adolescence
and I have known you for how long it could last
I came as a man from the future to solve the past
there are things your mother might have told you
there are songs in my head that might unfold it

I want you just as you are
unlike a dagger through my heart
come visit me this night and we will contemplate the moon
and then contemplate the contemplation in my room
I'll see you soon
yeah, I hope it’s soon
and then it's solved
and then it's cool
it could be all so simple

we will see what the future might bring
we will see if time will stand still
probably not
it's probably God
Track Name: survivor guilt
on behalf of my mother
son please, go away
I saved the day after tomorrow
but she wouldn't stay
not for longer
not for just one minute

on behalf of my sister
please girl, go away
I planted the seed
and the tree blew the storm away
or the storm blew the tree away

we are clowns in the constellation
we deprive ourselves of entertainment
in rejection

on behalf of my father
cut down the tree
and bury me in the sea
throw my ashes in the oceans

and they told her to leave
and they called her names, called her a thief
not everyone has planned
his for his own luck
what the fuck
Track Name: while the war was waged
where were you
without a family?
without the one true love
we'd never had enough

who wants to make this decision
of making an incision
in his own heart?

and at least you should
try to save this heart
albeit in a plastic bag with ice
we've gotta save this heart

this dwindling affair
never did you harm
a snake in the Garden
a snake with a charm
who dares to say I'm wrong

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