by the Doorman

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#2 in The Doorman compact cassette series


released February 7, 2015


all rights reserved



the Doorman Utrecht, Netherlands

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Track Name: неясный пассажир
everyone's alone like you and everyone's supposed to do
to do the good thing, to do it right
with the shallow man hanging over me
"I know the truth and I know it"
is the self-deceiving mode I'm in
"but one thing I know is I love you"
is the self-deceiving mode I'm in

you were so bright that day is the image before my eyes
as nice it looks set back against a bright blue sky
it's one of those self-deceiving mode kind of lies
it's one of those virtual reality flaws and desert cries
it's one of those self-deceiving mode kind of lies

I just want you to hold me in your arms
as nice the central heating is, I want a different warmth
Track Name: эхопро́шлое
you sure know my friends, they're on the other side
trying to stay put, put on a lucky ??
sure wanna see me, restless and I
see the angels, broken wings go by

persons ? a revolution ?
echo past, echoing past, echoing dreams
we will greet you in this pair, in this life
having lost a girl but he married a wife
we/you ? used the colour
Track Name: Ты самая красивая
none other Lord than He sees
mother drags the child and he weeps
the fields are now hay and he sweeps
that lovely little girl I used to know
took herself off with the cattle and the plough

this time we'll think about what the parson has said:
"I know He's with me and will be after I'm dead,
they puncture my head with the Ten Commandments,
they wanna go up that hill but they don't want to do it themselves
let's call it even
I don't want to go in the desert for 40 days"

at least you're beautiful
at least you are beautiful
you are beautiful
Track Name: почти выход
ever since you went away
I can’t wait for you to come back
I keep watching the door
and please don’t be afraid

I keep telling myself it’s better to wipe you out of my memory
in stead of chasing a silhouette
I’d rather go fucking hang myself
than to follow your steps whereever you leave me
whenever you feel like to hurt me

there have to be others who can make me forget you
I hope there is noone who’ll make me repent it
the fact of leaving you ..

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