take my pain away

from by the Doorman



recorded in June 2008


hammock swung by trees near the river bed
some say it was the wind 'cause the sleeper seemed dead
she's bathing in the sun while I'm combing the beach
she's something like a creature cast up by the sea

and I feel just like a castaway
I don't know all these people except for Friday
she glances at me and she takes off her shades
if I have a minute to take away the pain
her tattoo says this: "take my pain away"

"I feel like there's no tomorrow
I feel like he's goin' to leave me, it's fate
I'll just disappear in the sa-and
I'll just reappear as a man
and life will be so much easier to live
with women like me
I'll just disappear in the sand
a wave of anger breaks and lands
and what do you think of this?"

she asks me and I sit down with her
and I notice that she's shivering
with yesterday's newspaper at her feet
I flinch at the lines and give her my jacket
somewhere someone is smiling at me
"you look like a broken wave" she says

we have to leave this place and everyone
should take off his shades, face the de-clining sun
and figure out yourself what the fuck is goin' on
I don't know it either

someone like Jesus takes away the pain
someone like you will hurt me anyway
someone like me says that God is not so great
and I am a sot


from technicolor beaches, released December 25, 2019


all rights reserved


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