Song is also included on the Tape-Recorded; for the lo-fi enthusiast cassette. Self-explanatory. Nice backing vocals by Meneka Senn. One of those songs with nice chord structures I recorded as a demo and then forgot about. These are happy discoveries, a couple of them will be on my next album.


one in the bed
one on the couch
she wants to move
out of the house
is this what we have come to?
is this a phase we can go through?
does she buy some time or is she over me?

one in the belly
one passes through
like a wounded animal
you had to shoot
is this what we have come to?
is there still a future for me and you?
does she need some time or is she over me?

lights on, do keep the lights on
there’s a darkness creeping in and over me

at 2 A.M.
she broke the news
I found a way
to carry on
and now you’re a ghost in the room

the silhouettes of you and me
had been there on a sunny day
I hope the end resolves to the tonic


from from early backwoods neglect, released May 12, 2019
backing vocals by Meneka Senn


all rights reserved


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