get the door, I'll hold

from by the Doorman



recorded in February 2004


I’d like to see that you want me back
that I would circle around in your head
that you would call me whenever you were sad
I want to be your friend

I have to see if the sky will be opening
if the rain will fall or if the Saviour will be visiting
I want to break your heart to make you love me
come close to me, the door is open now

there you said it, you would like
to get to know the rest of mankind
they are so much nicer than me
I’m transparant and I cause your apathy

I spent my days alone
no one is ever coming home
even if the sky gets brighter
I always ask them for a lighter

what’s harder than a stone
is to travel the distance on your own
where I go we shall see
my future might be in psychotherapy

on Tuesday an appointment with doctor McKinsey
on Wednesday they’ll find me in the hallway
opening doors for no-one


from technicolor beaches, released December 25, 2019


all rights reserved


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