The other tune with a great vocal delivery by Samira Midhat. Nice upbeat song. Crazy percussion (I’ll admit: programmed). At the end of the song the electric guitar is accompanied by the MC-505’s uncontrollable D-beam controller! Great effect to modify e.g. cut-off and resonance by moving your hands above the machine. I add this stuff mostly subconsciously and I boldly theorize the Tao wanted to end the song like this.


come on now, don't be scared, move a little closer
I will be here for you, holding you tender
take a risk, hurry up, I will do no harm now
I'll make sure you have everything you ever dreamed of

beauty, I keep gazing
oh amazing, you are here
you are here

slow, slow
soft and tender
warm and gentle
you are here
you are here


from from early backwoods neglect, released May 12, 2019
lyrics and vocals by Samira Midhat


all rights reserved


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