carousel rider

from by the Doorman



I like the plucking technique used on this song. The ‘chorus’ (“on New Year’s eve..”) has nice jazzy add9 chords, loved to play it (I never play songs I’ve recorded again! No time, have to play and record tons of new songs!) . As you could have guessed I wrote these lyrics on New Year’s day, a bit saddened and alone. Song turned out to have a guy falling in love with a carousel rider (look it up in the Wikimannia or the urban dictionary :-)) as the main protagonist. Disclaimer: my songs are often semi-autobiographical or fictional. You pick it (LOL).


you’re just into it and every night you’re getting wasted
I heard you talkin’ about the guy next door and now I love you
on the carousel she’s dangling her feet
don’t go kicking, your horse won’t go faster
it stays put, it is wood
carousel rider, the drinks you will buy her
it’s only 'cause you’re lonely

oh, you show no signs of weakness
oh my god, you have no mercy
now I know you’re a stranger like me
we’re the ones with a fractured psyche

on New Year’s eve in separate rooms
we had to count down to midnight
everybody’s uptight
on New Year’s eve in a medical pot shop
you broke and entered
and now I don’t know if I love you

she hates me and hurts me
she loves me and wants me
I can’t be your friend when you’re around me


from from early backwoods neglect, released May 12, 2019


all rights reserved


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