at least you're beautiful

from by the Doorman



An old song and one I have always cherished. I really like the bass lead guitar (one of the great COSM effects, I used to have a Boss digital recorder) combined with the synths. One of those songs with pious lyrics that transcend a deeper meaning. I kept the ambient traffic sounds at the beginning of the song and at 2:04 you hear the latch of the door leading to the balcony falling. At that time I recorded at my parent’s house. Song (with Russian title) also included on the потерянный cassette.


none other Lord than He sees
mother drags the child and he weeps
the fields are now hay and he sweeps
that lovely little girl I used to know
took herself off with the cattle and the plough

this time we’ll think about what the parson has said:
“I know He’s with me and will be after I’m dead,
they puncture my head with the Ten Commandments,
they wanna go up that hill but they don’t wanna do it themselves"

let’s call it even
I don’t wanna go in the desert, for 40 days

at least you’re beautiful
at least, you are beautiful
you are beautiful


from from early backwoods neglect, released May 12, 2019


all rights reserved


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