a red one he races straight through

from by the Doorman



recorded in February 2004


and that's all I know:
the river bends and the heart will break
alright you are nervous
and you look the other way

and it's like:
some other time
we'll meet again

and when you… call her, she’s rock solid, and she falters
and she gets the funny questions out of her way, to save the day

call me any day
I'm a pathetic wanker, I must say
I'm a psychopath, please stay away

you have to call the very best man
he will get you in there

still hope that she will call
I still want you in my world

the stitch will heal after all
I conquered greater fires!
and the needle in the hay-stack is lost after all

I wouldn’t have gone through this for no particular reason
or for the feeling of letting you go
constricted minds cause the river to bend and the heart to break


from halfway house, released December 1, 2019


all rights reserved


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