Tape​-​Recorded; for the lo​-​fi enthusiast

by the Doorman

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#4 in The Doorman Compact Cassette Series


released July 29, 2018


all rights reserved



the Doorman Utrecht, Netherlands

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Track Name: Anastasia
I once met a girl, an anesthesiologist yeah
she seemed so friendly when I counted to five
and then I dozed off in the middle of the night

tired, in need, you go to bed alone
and just when you would wake up
you find out she's not there

the door is open, the lights are on
they had tied you to the bed
she opened up your bag
and saw the things you keep in there

she told you that love could be
so ruthless and yet so kind
she really held you tight
and put it in the IV line

and just when you would wake up
she’d taken off your pants
and just when you would say no
she’d grabbed your underwear

was it real or a scary dream?
I’m traumatized I know
ask her out on a second date?
I really don’t think so, no

she brought a clown in the room, oh no
he read the chart and told her to go
don’t leave me now, oh Anastasia!

they rolled the bed into oblivion
I closed my eyes and counted to ten
don’t leave me now, oh Anastasia!
Track Name: Long-legged Fred Joins the Creeps
Long-legged Fred joins the Creeps
he met the islander’s needs
God boarded a sky rocket
Fred pierced his eye socket

I know you’re in for the kill
she took a hand of sleeping pills
God knows I wanted you
Fred only trusted you
am I Fred?

Long-legged Fred joins the Creeps
Track Name: dominatrix
just stop beating
she hit me hard, tied to a mattress
adjust your TV set
she enters through the static

I just got knee pads
she shot me twice in both my knee caps
just said "pretty please"
but she don't know what it means
not so talkative, it seems

CH these are the demons in your head
there are no monsters under your bed
just a skeleton in the closet
when I get up I hope you have left

just stop teasing
she fondled me with rubber latex
10 strokes of her cane
she's driving me insane

just don't need you
I'm not returning all your phone calls
and keep away from my family
you don't dress properly CH
Track Name: riveteen
I feel like coming home
leaving the traveler’s road
and you could be the only person I will never really know

she fixed her hair one more time
he stretched his arms out to the sky
and then he folded space-time to get her back in his arms tonight

and I insist you take him
to stop the walls from shakin’

I found a sleeping cat
a moldy loaf of bread
the wizard’s pointy hat
and his owner dead

it smells like fire
a stranger called me
and now there’s a copy of me outside and I fear the coming night
Track Name: blue whale
carve the shape of a whale on your arm
in the end sense is lost
death always comes at a cost

CH and father smells of vodka and lime
he’s always having a real good time
and mother won’t reach the bus stop today
if I leave the game she will die

swim in an ocean of love
and meet the angels above
draw a blue whale on your arm
and wash it off with a scrub CH

read the sign, there is hope
reverse time, I could’ve helped you out
I need to know if you’re safe on the other side
Track Name: poignant
one in the bed, one on the couch
she wants to move out of the house
is this what we have come to?
is this a phase we can go through?
does she buy some time or is she over me?

one in the belly, one passes through
like a wounded animal you had to shoot
is this what we have come to?
is there still a future for me and you?
does she need some time or is she over me?

lights on, do keep the lights on
there’s a darkness creeping in and over me

at 2 A.M. she broke the news
I found a way to carry on
and now you’re a ghost in the room

the silhouettes of you and me
had been there on a sunny day
I hope the end resolves to the tonic
Track Name: man vs. time (12 rounds)
run back towards the home plate
she has a see-through
I wish I knew her

a gunshot in the backyard
his eyes are piercing
he missed a soda can

no-one understands you
just try to memorize
the names of Family Ties
and then Mallory started shooting crystal meth

she saw I was looking really sad
man versus time
a patient’s central line
infected by a pornographic
check your water supply
and then you find a way
to leave your lover behind
she was all you needed
Track Name: the pale emerald flow
down by the riverside you knelt
broken pottery in your hands
and you weep

he was the man
seafarer on the streets
was cast ashore
but told you he would leave

and meet the ghost on the road
pale it flows
the ghost he knows
pale it flows
(pale it flows)

see how the soldiers fought their lives
part their hair with brilliantine
coming home on leave
and met their ghost on the road
pale it flows
the ghost they behold
pale it flows
(pale it flows)

“He the prosperous man …
… But shall have his sorrow for sea-fare” [Ezra Pound]

the strait it is
the strait it is
the strait it is
how great it is
to put your feet on the ground
I might as well kneel down
and kiss the solid ground
and I know your love will bring me home this time
Track Name: me alone in the northern hemisphere
the wolves in the pack
can smell your loneliness
but they will leave you alone
‘cause they don’t need you

every single day
I could stand up and pray
or start to drink myself to death
too obvious an end

I’m used to the cold
I’m used to the fact that there is
no shoulder around me

come and stay with me
and hold my hands in yours

the day you left
they came back
and now there are wolves at my door

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