pop psych 101

by the Doorman

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#3 in The Doorman compact cassette series


released June 7, 2015


all rights reserved



the Doorman Utrecht, Netherlands

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Track Name: life's like a sine wave
the French have a word for dénouement and it's dénouement

I will take the driver's seat and drive this car up to the roads
until you break down and cry and I hold you in my arms again
I used to say those words of faith but "fate" is right after "faith"
the dictionary inserts a pause of "fake" or "fame" if you will
although the audience does not give that frill of
being loved, the tears that sought
the source of destiny inside our own hearts

this degree of happiness is a pink cloud 'cause I know
life's like a sine wave, up on the mountain, down in the grave
Track Name: puzzled girl
puzzled girl, don't look at the stars tonight
start to recognize your own life is a little bit
transgressed now
impressive? no
puzzled girl, we're only here to live a conspiracy
I do some therapy but I forget to take the pills, to do my thing
and haven't you seen me?
just walking out the door

puzzled girl, it's hard to win your love
when I can't see what's on your mind
all the time it's complacency
when you're facing me
puzzled girl, I hope you can remember me
when the time has come and you recognize
the stars are everywhere but your heart is lost to me
and now I'm in a company (not your company)
Track Name: the world is more than enough
have you swept the dirty floor in the house where I would hold the door?
and have you been so lucedent that you thought you began to understand that the world is not quite made of bricks?
that I'm not here to score some chicks

and because the time is passing by, I seem to fail to understand
I want to know how I can win your love
and if I will, I'll send some flowers
Track Name: a cool ride
eyeing at the back-seat where she laid
wearing colours in her hair
sleeping sound ‘cause I took off
to the places which we loved

CH 'cause there really is no cause
for the trouble that we’ve got
and there really is no fault
in the way we linger on

but this life's not really right for me

and when we headed for the hills
I looked back to what I’d left
all the colors in her hair
had turned to black and white but no CH

but the back-seat of my car
is not made for you, my star
‘cause the man behind the wheel
does not know what he feels

‘cause there really is no clue
for the right thing to do
and I haven’t got the time
to figure out what’s right
all the measures I will take
turn to depressions but so be it CH
Track Name: word from our sponsors
despite of what they say, we’re OK
although we’ve been ridiculed, we feel great
times were rough indeed but we perceived
the great things in the sky you call dreams

my mind has evolved into the sky
the higher we plan to go we find

and my friends are down, they’re OK
Earth is not that bad, when you wait

my mind has evolved into the sky
the higher we plan to go we find
sundries of things we’d hoped to see
like the stars are bright and unique
angels are flying and summon the beasts
these were made of colors and sounds
I’m no longer underground
I’m no longer underground
in the ether I can be found
in the ether I can be found
Track Name: me, I'm a construction kit
and if you see me on a horse
you've gotta see me in a car
Graham sits back and wonders what this all means
the prospects of being me

Graham taught me how to live a life
you might refer to him as God in the third person
maybe I will go and leave tonight
I gotta call her on my cellular and water the plants

and if she mends my heart, I'll cry
Graham's water seeps through my eyes
Track Name: Oppenheimer would be proud
and he fetches liquor in the living room
his children they cost money when they go to school
idle man beats those, Batman leaves hope
parks his car before my nose and unloads his rifle
sick as your mother seems, her hair is grey and thin

went out and saw
the pavement smells like kerosene
the pavement smells like Houston has sent his shuttle through space and time, it's amazing that you can split the atom in half and return home for dinner
and it's me, I don't know who you are, out of space
Track Name: you won our hearts
to serve your time in war is not all I do
and save the private man in the living room
is in the crashed plane wreck which went through the roof
I saw his parachute got stuck in the blue

CH I have seen you've got a lot of awards
to be a hero, man, yes you are a star
you shot a little girl right through her skull
but that's irrelevant 'cause you won our hearts
yes, you won our hearts

there ain't no bomb that drops in the wrong spot
your missiles have proved to be sent by God
and the darkened sky is not lit by lights
it is the soul that sparks of a champion's fight CH
Track Name: gasoline rainbows
this story is about a cool girl named Meg White
leaving her house in the cold, cold night
with her last pencil she wrote:
"I will seek my soul abroad,
I will turn my head to the South,
nick a car and hit the road,
leave my brother on his own,
we are rock stars, we are known"

and suddenly she leaves the scene
fills the car with gasoline
steps on it and then she goes
starts to chase all the rainbows
Mary Kate and Ashley take a ride
never heard of her, Meg White
"I'm in a band and I do the drums and what do you do? You are twins?"
"Yes we are famous 'cause we're rich,
we played in Full House you stupid bitch
next to Bob Saget you might know,
he did that home videos in that show"
"Get the fuck out of my car, I don't wanna see you ever again, goddamnit!"

I've drawn the map, it's out of scale
I played the fairy in a fairy-tale
wanna shoot the apples off (of) your head
it's sad that you left the party without your party-hat
and read those magazines, they know we are looking for something really obscene and the sex tape is for free,
you can download all your wildest dreams
sleeping in a convertible, allowing the wolves to come near
in the hot sticky desert you were naked with your fears
you had to get out

[Demon Boognish:]
"yeah, yeah, yeah
hand me the car, hand me the keys goddamnit"
Track Name: recharge
hey, how are you? – I’m fine, thank you
I’m waiting for my chance to kill some time
in the presence of you
and how are you today? - pretty fucked up actually
absent-minded ok

there is some juice in the refrigerator – oh nice
I’m downloading Download Accelerator
emptying a bag of groceries and tuning in my guitar
I keep saying to myself I won’t let you back into my heart
but I keep you reminding of us no matter where you are
so batteries stop working and recharging them will do you harm
I got this feeling that you have gone too far breaking my heart

I was down in Fashion Avenue that night
you know who I ran into?

where sceneries were left unspotted
I swear I did my job
and I prayed to whomever every night
I thought of you everyday
but it could be so deluding

there is some juice left in the refrigerator – oh nice
I’m reading my mail
spam, soft porn, hard porn

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