gospel radio edits

by the Doorman

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sometimes her vacant stare of a 1000 yards underlines her loneliness someone just like you made me look like a fool when I wrote a song about it she's got a perfect disguise when she closes her eyes and I can't get into her head no-one really knows why you wanted to go when he had already left and fire burns inside but still, you keep on extinguishing it oh, kindling wasn't fired at will she seems to know I need her now, I need her so and jet flames burn me down real slow her silhouette gives me the final blow God has seen the prison camps her gassed body was all I had in my hands and seven white doves descended or crashed as the Saviour cracked and ascended real fast and He doesn't give a shit about you 'cause he's your most imaginary friend and I will care a lot about you 'cause I do, in the end I'm your one true friend I'm the God of typhoid fever, I'm the God of colon cancer, I'm the God of fucking things up yeah, I'm the God, you animal
where she goes, I don't know fuck no, to Pasadena it takes a hell of a time to get your car in the right spot but God will get you that far we have seen him, I mean, on the passenger seat there was a bearded man who fled the Ku Klux Klan and from the eastside to the westside He told us enough: the universe is filled with love but that's just fate I know the reason why you masturbate be sure you lock the door or else she will see that you find pleasure in committing adultery and she did say she already found another one pressing her lips to the air and blowing it away the bearded man made sure she blew it away
you’re gonna love it the scene’s already white out you’re gonna like it the same piss-poor college rock you must’ve feared they would disappear wearing the same Scorpions t-shirt find love in this drug-infested crowd, I’m out you’re gonna hate it lighters are held in the air you’re gonna fake it you drink your beer and you don’t care man, just go kill the Buddha and just go
e-missionary 02:00
in these eyes you see the truth, it’s good ‘cause the only thing that swings is your mood I’m the priest who will convert the first world but the only thing that counts is a girl and that woman will lead me astray until the day that there’s no other one and I know she is the only one in her eyes you see the truth, it’s good ‘cause the beauty of her face is the grace and the feeling I’ve met her before is wrong ‘cause the only thing that was recorded is this song and that woman will lead me astray until the day that there’s no other one and I know she is the only one you are all I want the one thing needful, let’s call it love and the reason for me to fall I was hoping I would fall in love in these eyes you see the truth, it’s good ‘cause the only thing that swings is your mood I’m the priest who will convert the first world but the only thing that counts is a girl
the problem with you is that the world is trouble and the harder you try it will hit you double and the working man is a family man the woman with child knows the end of time through the wisdom and strength of our Reverend he opened the Book and he said it might take a million years to overcome our fears and we had a cup of tea with the devil instead and he is an alcoholic but he is good in bed and the churches were emptied although no-one had come and it's appalling to see what he did with the nuns Henry Lee and me, we're just psychopaths we covered her with gasoline and we lit a match and the police they came but they had to go as they recognized a character from the Cosby Show and Henry Lee and me, are psychopaths you see
Jesus was my Saviour 'till I found him in his grave he hadn't resurrected but had started to decay you gotta love this man, He works in mysterious ways but the day He left me hangin', I spat the Lord in His face Muhammad won't be mentioned, only Christians can be mocked a little bit of irony and you are seriously fucked you gotta love this man, He works in mysterious ways but the day He let me down, I spat the Lord in His face Jesus never brought me any luck you'd better get yourself a rabbit's foot Jesus always fails to cheer me up his gospel choir really makes me blue Jesus loves me more than I will know comforting words when I stick a needle in my arm Jesus is the only way to God you have to break him in half and drink his blood and when I go to sleep his wisdom pervades Jesus Christ, I shouldn't masturbate and when I get up and I call him in need Jesus Christ, it's the answering machine
you think life is hard well, just breathe in and breathe out she must have told you to leave well, take your car and check the gasoline somebody told me that Eve kept the fruit from rotting in the tree and we're mortal thanks to her you are indifferent to me and to God well he might strike you down and I don't give a fuck somebody told me that Jesus did not get the message across and dying just for us I might be sad I can't be sad I can't be glad I can't be glad for you all heavens open up for you
our Lord could change it into wine and he could walk on it he was ahead of his time when he proclaimed that it had made him realize that it will turn into ice our Saviour and our Lord do agree this with God: the people at a loss did nail him to the cross unaffected by the deed he ascended at day 3 the religious people lie as the little children die and he died for our sins and it’s so much better ever since and then, we’ve fallen ever since like the devil we have been to rape the innocent truth and we don’t have any proof to drag you into court exhibit A is lost and witnesses there were none there was not a smoking gun the Oslo confrontation: men with beards under heavy sedation God spoke to the men: I won’t leave you alone, I give you inscriptions in stone
you're in every window, just like my mom said she said you looked good, whatever's on the mannequin we're nothing but creatures that express our solitude we only reach out for people who aren't moved I get the feeling that you're missing one of your legs and I'm not really complete but I do psychotherapy she said the Saviour's back but it isn't happening I saw the Saviour's back after the Roman whip had cracked unlike the Ken doll, my eyes are wet she spreads perfume indoors while The Doorman left and they dress her up like someone who has lost her head her expression reminds me of the women on the red carpet the burning fusilage he returned and he travelled by air
now that you and I are together it should be like this forever when the storm keeps us in our house we will set it on fire you and I will be the last ones who ate from the apple


#10 in The Doorman compact cassette series


released March 27, 2021


all rights reserved



the Doorman Utrecht, Netherlands

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