by the Doorman

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#1 in The Doorman compact cassette series


released December 27, 2013


all rights reserved



the Doorman Utrecht, Netherlands

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Track Name: arrow/bow; the expenditure
arrow and bow, there are things I'll never know
like if up there is my school and the teacher is my pride
some of us will grow into persons I have loathed
and the persons I love are dead now as I show
being unreal, being redeemed

shuttle of God is suddenly unloved
the beings I've ?? are filled with hopes I know
in living they dole, trying to find their soul
with a remote control
television is not me, recollection is my dream
psychasthenia's my diagnose
destination is coming home

arrow and bow, there are things I'll never know
like if up there is my school and the teacher is my pride

now we see, everyone is free
spacing out of their dreams
wanna be forever
trying to be endeavour(?)
Track Name: interplanetary submission
a little scared, someone's coming on my path
someone I can barely see
someone interplanetary
yet her voice is soft and her sound a dream
wipes the colors of my bespectacled screen
wipes the colors of as far as my remembrance sees
wipes the colors of ?? me

a little scared, you really have to care
that my singularity ?? shown everywhere
gotta go and see if she was interplanetary
gotta live my sleep and face my reality
now the cry is on my path, it will surely take me down
the cry is on my path, it takes me down
Track Name: spaced out in your garden
I picked up some apples in your garden today
I was thinking about the days we were close
with my head in the trees and I thought I had/saw my destination before, it's coming too close but...

you're all I think of is not a cliché, I'm thinking about you
you're all I care about, is cool enough for a guy like me
and I fell to the ground
broken branches, yeah
I saw the stars in the sky
spaced out in your garden
I wanna sing a song about you

I know it's not the end but
I climb too fast and I
don't wanna wait around for you to come by
broken fences
spaced out in your garden
Track Name: the man in a space-suit
just noticing and who you are
you're one of many but you're a star
the heavens sent you from above and with love

just now I have seen the end and it
sure does look fine that way and if time permits
we won't get in deep shit and we won't slit our own wrists

and if I were the one too choose
I'd pick you 'cause you're so true
like a spaceman knocking on my door
I opened that door

bring your friends and laugh about it
how the doorman is so obsessed with his door
and meet my neighbour who will leave you later

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