Diana and Satellite

by the Doorman

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go to the moon you won’t be there soon sad sucker drawn to the light all our telescopes are hoping to grope Diana and satellite will be in the sky tonight panic ensued when they finally got glued as they set foot on the darkest side all the anxious souls at Mission Control Diana and satellite will they radio in tonight? we all thought you were an astronaut but on lunar ground you just drove around you planted a rag instead of the flag you didn’t search for rocks but aimlessly walked I know that you had a different kind of plan in your mind don’t you know that you won’t make it back in time? meanwhile on Earth our footage got blurred we decided to cut the line someone went back here through the atmosphere Diana and satellite made it to the other side Diana and satellite Diana and satellite
out there in the country side nobody sins overpainted pornography of teenager kids a wolf domesticized is chasing a hare father's smoking pipe on a porch in a rocking chair you don't know what it's like to wake up alone in the morning anaesthesized, in the evening stoned confront the preacher with the adamant kid who drugs the girls with an incense stick and thinks that the world is better left alone like he is you're on the edge of catastrophy kid they hug you to death while you're having a fit amorous of Higgs the particle spins the Morpheus girls will put you to sleep
she's the one, I'll have to wait five more years and you will fade she will come back on a day I forgot all about her and her ways she's the one who should have stayed I wake up to find out it's too late remember your monologue to God and he laughs right in your face she's the one, I'll have to wait the Death Star is in display I wake up to find out you are gone the world is not a safe place she's beamed up straight into the stars light years and years away she will shine on in my heart next time I need to stay awake your friends on the internet were lying when they said that they were straight in her eyes you could see that she would hyperlink to a girl coming in your face and believe it or not... they're opposed to God wanna know if you're a pal or not don't leave me behind 'cause you're a friend of mine
*shrugs* 02:36
pageant of the fine-drawn beautiful machines I'd like to see her in swimsuit throwin' me a kisby ring in her evening gown still quite a finalist I see her disappear and walkin' straight to me I always thought that people really smiled but it turns out they have their head up their ass you are alone and your boyfriend isn't home I can't wait to meet The Doorman 'cause he is always home predestinarians are there to tell you it ain't fair but there is a cosmic plan although we fail to understand she used to think that I was a cheerful lad but when she read my song lyrics she fled my universe real fast Mayer has a really nice four-wheel drive and he knows how to get laid in his car and Ryan Cabrera has five bedrooms but none of the doors is ajar all of my fans are virtually insane they won't feel insulted 'cause they do not exist you and your friends are absolutely right I do not make music, I break it down, all right? I always thought that people really cared but it turns out they are preoccupied with themselves instead social conventions, my friend they all go over my head
spacefruit 01:29
women get laid while the men masturbate now the vicar so sad took the choir boy instead now the fluffer still waits for this guy to get hard and the milf really bad left her kids on the set if you’ve got a second girl, I bring you Mickey Mouse he’s just around the corner, invite him to your house emoticons smile while I wait for your line LOL you’re a guy webcam yr dick and you will die and the shit all flows to my home I gotta disconnect you and block your calls dude I didn’t think that anyone would stick his joystick in and then the shemale blogs and I get lost ‘cause I can’t erase my history if you’ve got a second boy, I bring you Mickey Mouse he's gonna shoot it yeah??, now he's lying off (?) to the land of Not and she said I’d like to give you head the line in her nose it’s a shame she’s comatose smile at me baby, from the red carpet dig the red carpet ride through the land of Not ???
hey hey dig the sound chick with plastic eyes I'm not your friend I just like to try she's my soulmate showroom dummy gal they dress her all (?) in half and prostitute her before your eyes I'd like to go to the river tonight I'd like to swim naked and do it, alright? but you are just a girl who doesn't dig that shit you are just the dumbest bitch who does suck dick for a living and here comes the Saviour in his goddamn fucking spaceship spaceship, spaceship, spaceship purple blue orange LSD purple blue orange LSD I dreamt of the queen and the king, together


#8 in The Doorman compact cassette series


released May 16, 2020


all rights reserved



the Doorman Utrecht, Netherlands

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